Diamond Performance Diamondcord Unbreakable Pull Start Cord

Specialised Tools & Equipment Ltd ( STEL ) are the UK's sole distributor for the Diamand Performance Diamondcord Unbreakable Pull Cord

Unbreakable Pull Cord

Our diamondcord™ is the world’s strongest and most durable pull start cord. Our unbreakable starter cord uses patented technology that is five times stronger than steel.

The high-performance design allows smoother pulling for lawn mower pull cords and any other recoil starter rope applications.

Using diamondcord™ eliminates downtime and inconvenience from broken pull start cords. There is also no monetary loss from frequent cord replacements.

Applications include lawn mower pull cord, generator pull cord, chainsaw pull cord, and other recoil rope started devices. 

Our diamondcord™ can replace nylon/polyester cord and steel cable. It is also ideal for use as an emergency tow-rope for small recreational vehicles, tie-up rope, light-gauge winch line, and other general rope use applications.

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